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Powerful Ideas & Actionable Steps

Did you know that just watching someone work out on TV is 20% as effective as working out yourself. 2.5 Hours of fitness videos is all you need to stay healthy. #fakenews

If you want to expand your capacity and increase your effectiveness, you have to work at it... really hard. Here we share what has & hasn't worked for us.

Personal Coaching & Training

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for leading and developing culture. A fresh set of eyes may be all you need to break through your lid.

We are eager to learn about your organization, the journey you're on, the successes you've had & the challenges you're facing so that we can offer a fresh, helpful perspective.

Tools for Game-Changing Leadership

Never trust a leader without a limp. Never hire a baker who has never burned anything. Never buy from an online seller with no bad reviews.

We have learned the hard way. And, we have learned through the wisdom of others who have come before us. We bring only our best to our free videos each week.

Don't go it alone.

The Leadership Kit team is available for speaking engagements, team development, systems evaluation and personal coaching upon request.
Email us at or DM us on social media (@leadershipkit) for more information!

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About Us

Created by Nathan & Daniel Purifoy, The Leadership Kit team is comprised of high-capacity leaders in business and in Christian ministry who are committed to adding value to leaders. We are relentless in our pursuit of doing great things. We have inspired. We have disappointed. We have led with dignity and great success. We have crashed and burned.

The Leadership Kit is the best of everything we have learned and are continuing to learn from our combined experiences packed into high-value, practical resources for equipping intentional leaders.

Nathan Purifoy is a proud member of the